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AE Dogz Tooth scraper

Safely remove tartar against infections in your dog or cat

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AE Dogz Tartar Remover: Clean Teeth for Dogs and Cats

To prevent dental issues, it's important to regularly remove tartar from your dog's teeth. This is often done by the veterinarian, where the dog is typically put under anesthesia.

Not only is this costly, but it's also not very healthy. With the stainless steel AE Dogz Tartar Remover, you can remove your dog's tartar yourself.

The AE Dogz Tartar Remover has 2 ends. This makes the scraper suitable for both left- and right-handed owners and for the left and right sides of the dog's teeth.

Tooth enamel is stronger than the scraper, allowing you to remove tartar without damaging the enamel.

How to Use. 

Always scrape away from the gumline to avoid damaging it.

Clean your four-legged friend's teeth all at once.

Apply a small amount of OxyFresh Pets Dental Gel to the teeth and especially along the gumline daily. You can do this with your finger or with a syringe (Monoject 412). If your dog allows it, you can use the gel as toothpaste on a special dog toothbrush.

Additionally, you can use the gel to treat any inflamed gums or mouth wounds. OxyFresh Pets Dental Gel cares for the teeth and gums, but once tartar has formed, it must be mechanically removed.

You can do this with the included AE Dogz Tartar Remover. Patience and skill are required, and your dog must allow you to work on its teeth. Remain gentle and friendly, and never force it if your dog becomes unwilling, as it will only make it more difficult next time.

Do not attempt to remove all the tartar at once; do it in phases and allow a longer period for each phase. Start with the front teeth and treat one, at most two teeth or molars per session. This way, your dog will get used to tartar removal without becoming resistant to the treatment.

Of course, reward your dog when things go well. With rewards, eventually, every dog will accept the tartar removal treatment. It's easier with puppies than older dogs, especially if you start getting them used to having their teeth handled before tartar develops.

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AE Dogz Tooth scraper
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