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Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs (3pcs.)

3 fingertip brushes to clean your dogs teeth in the best possible way

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Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs

Many dogs suffer from dental problems after the age of three. These can be tartar or periodontal disease, for example, as well as inflammations of the tissue around the teeth. Dental problems of this kind seriously affect a dog's health and well-being, for example, because the dog no longer wants to eat or is in constant pain. Dental problems can be recognised by foul breath, dark deposits on the teeth and difficulty chewing. Fortunately, this can be prevented with good dental care.

Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs are easy to use and also safe and hygienic. By using a little bit of animal toothpaste on the fingertip-toothbrush, your dog's teeth are cleaned quickly and easily.

If your dog is already suffering from dental problems, consult a veterinarian first to correct the problems. Once this is done, you can begin to clean your dog's teeth to prevent recurrence.

Usermanual Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs

  1. Put a small amount of pet toothpaste on a finger toothbrush;
  2. Gently run Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs over your dog's teeth. Most plaque in hands forms on the outside of the teeth;
  3. Clean the fingertip brush with hot water after use.

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Maraa® Fingertip-toothbrush Dogs (3pcs.)
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